May 9, 2022

Review: Papa John's - Pepperoni Rolls

Papa John's Pepperoni Rolls features pizza sauce and pepperoni rolled up with creamy melty cheese on Papa John's original pizza dough, then cut into eight rolls and baked.

An order costs about $5.49 and comes with Spicy Garlic sauce for dipping but I received this courtesy of Papa John's.

This was supposed to be a review for Papa John's Spicy Pepperoni Rolls but they mistakenly forgot the jalapenos in my order so here we are.

Perhaps because of the smaller size or increased surface area (or both), the dough of the Pepperoni Rolls ended up being more crispier than Papa John's pizzas tend to be. I also got some nice crispy edges on some of the exposed pepperonis.

There seems to be more cheese versus dough in the rolls as well. It was good enough for a gooey stretch and creamy flavor. The cut of the rolls was a bit uneven though and the ends of the roll were a lot more bready in comparison to the other pieces.

The Spicy Garlic sauce offered the same buttery, garlic flavor of the chain's regular garlic sauce but with a medium kick of heat.

Overall, Papa John's Pepperoni Rolls were plenty good in my book. I liked the combination of chewy crumb and crisped crust paired with creamy, gooey cheese and salty pepperoni. The missing jalapenos would have added a touch of heat and acidity but the Spicy Garlic sauce made up for the heat at least.

Nutritional Info - Papa John's Pepperoni Rolls
Serving Size - 1 roll
Calories - 120 (from Fat - 50)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 260mg
Carbs - 12g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 4g

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