May 27, 2022

Ferrero Reveals New Product Line-up for 2022 to 2023

Ferrero reveals their upcoming new product line-up for 2022 to 2023 and it includes the following sweets:

- Nutella B-Ready - An international product arrives in the US and offers an individually-wrapped snack bar that consists of a crispy baked wafer filled with creamy hazelnut Nutella spread.

- Ferrero Rocher Premium Chocolate Bars - A new chocolate bar variety for Ferrero Rocher features a combination of hazelnut pieces, chocolate, and various creamy fillings. The new 3.1-oz bars come in four flavors: Original Milk Hazelnut, 55% Dark Hazelnut, White Hazelnut, and Hazelnut & Almond.

- Golden Gallery Signature Caramel -  The latest addition to the Golden Gallery line of boxed chocolate features an assortment of chocolates with caramel in a variety of shapes, tastes, and textures.

- Kinder Joy Space & Kinder Joy Avatar - Adding new themed toys to Kinder Joy eggs, Kinder Joy Space includes 12 new space-themed, while Kinder Joy Avatar includes 8 new toys themed after the upcoming second Avatar movie.

- Tic Tac Strawberry & Cream - Set to arrive in early 2023, each 1-oz single and 3.4-oz bottle pack contains a mix of strawberry and cream flavors. 

- Fannie May Premium Chocolate Bars - The 3.5-oz chocolater bars will come in four flavors: Milk Chocolate Pecan Brittle, Milk Chocolate Butterscotch with Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Mint & Cookie, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond. 

- Fannie May Chocolatier's Mix Line - Fannie May Chocolatier's Mix adds two flavors, Rocky Road and Caramel Pretzel Nut, in 2-oz, 7.75-oz, and 18-oz bags. Rocky Road offers a combination of pecans, almonds, and marshmallows coated in milk chocolate, while Caramel Pretzel Nut features mini waffle pretzels, buttery caramel bits, pecans, and almonds coated in milk chocolate. 

Photo via Ferrero.

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