May 6, 2022

Sam's Club Introduces 5 New Churro-Themed Items

Sam's Club introduces five new churro-themed items under their Member's Mark private brand. The new products include:

- Member's Mark Churro Twists - Essentially Sam's Club's take on Taco Bell's Cinnamon Twists, these sweet and crunchy treats come covered in cinnamon and sugar. A 7-oz bag will cost you $3.98.

- Member’s Mark Churro Flavored Cookie Dough - They're calling these place-and-bake cookies a "twist on the classic snickerdoodle." These come in a 2-lb box for $4.68. Each box contains two sealed packs that make 12 cookies each.

- Member’s Mark Churro Inspired Colossal Cookies - These giant cookies are baked fresh in each club and offer a cinnamon and fried dough flavors in an all-butter cookie base topped with churro-flavored icing. A box of four cookies will cost you $5.98.

- Member’s Mark Salted Caramel Churro Almonds - Candied almonds with churro and salted caramel flavors. A 22-oz bag goes for $9.98.

- Member’s Mark Churro Bar Cake - A limited-time bar cake feature three layers of vanilla cake and cinnamon churro buttercream, topped with cinnamon sanding sugar. Each 36-oz cake will cost you $15.98.

Photo via Sam's Club.

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