Oct 5, 2022

Review: Mooala - Plant-Based Original Bananamilk

Mooala Plant-Based Original Bananamilk is a dairy-free alternative made from bananas that is nut- and soy-free, with no added sugars.

A 6-pack of 33.8 fl oz shelf-stable cartons retails for $29.99 online and select stores carry them for approximately $4 per carton. I received this one courtesy of Mooala.

As far as dairy-free alternatives go, banana-based milk is certainly unique and something I had not seen before. My only familiarity with the term "banana milk" came from the Asian beverage of the same name, which is cow's milk flavored with bananas (and highly sweetened, if my childhood memory serves me right).

The color of the Original Bananamilk is somewhat similar to a very light chocolate milk but with a more yellow undertone to the brown, which I'm assuming is due to the oxidation of the bananas. There are speckles of cinnamon that settles at the bottom of the cup. It has a mild aroma of fresh bananas with a hint of cinnamon.

Original Bananamilk is barely sweet and reminiscent of underripe bananas, which is what I assume it is made with considering the low sugar content. There is a starchy aftertaste and coating that lingers on the tongue, again like the experience of eating an underripe banana. I was hoping for more of the caramelized sweetness of a fully ripe banana based on the aroma.

In summary, Mooala Plant-Based Original Bananamilk was interesting to try but probably not something I would get again. It's too mild in sweetness to really satisfy any banana craving, but too starchy as a dairy-free alternative. I can't see myself using it for cereal or coffee, as the banana taste would interfere with the other flavors, but I also don't enjoy it enough to drink it on its own. However, if you prefer underripe bananas, this beverage may be right up your alley.

By Renee.

Nutritional Info - Mooala Original Plant-Based Bananamilk
Serving Size - 1 cup
Calories - 60 (from Fat - 30)
Fat - 3g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 15mg
Carbs - 9g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 1g

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