Apr 25, 2023

Carl's Jr. Brings Back Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich

Carl's Jr. brings back the Hand-Breaded Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich to add some heat to the menu this spring.

Carl's Jr.'s Hand-Breaded Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich features a hand-breaded, crispy-fried chicken breast filet served with pickled jalapenos, a slice of pepper jack cheese, Santa Fe sauce, tomato, red onion, and lettuce on a potato bun.

In a bit of a head-scratcher, it's priced at $11.19 near me (all the other fast food chains nearby price their similarly appointed chicken sandwiches around $6 to $7). Their regular Hand-Breaded Chicken Sandwich is $10.99 (so at least they're not charging much for the addition of cheese and jalapenos).

Photo via Carl's Jr.

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