Apr 16, 2023

McDonald's Canada Pours New Fruit Splash Beverages

McDonald's Canada Fruit Splash beverages
In time for the spring, McDonald's Canada pours a new line of flavored lemonade that they're calling, "Fruit Splash beverages."

McDonald Canada's new Fruit Splashes come in three flavors: Lemon (i.e. plain lemonade), Strawberry Passionfruit, and Peach Mango.

The Lemon Fruit Splash is iced lemonade featuring lemon juice concentrate and pulp.

The Strawberry Passionfruit Fruit Splash takes the Lemon Fruit Splash and adds Strawberry Passion Fruit-flavored syrup, while the Peach Mango Fruit Splash adds Peach Mango-flavored syrup instead.

All three Fruit Splashes are made with a blend of sugar and agave syrup for a slightly lower calorie count.

The chain also adds a new, limited-time smoothie flavor up north with the arrival of the new Kiwi Pineapple Banana McCafe Real Fruit Smoothie.

Photo via McDonald's Canada.

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