Apr 7, 2023

Review: Trader Joe's - Jamaican Style Beef Patties

Trader Joe's Jamaican Style Beef Patties feature spicy ground beef wrapped turnover-style in a "turmeric-infused" pastry crust.

Each 9-oz box includes two patties and costs $4.49.

I heated these up in an air fryer and they turned out really well. The browning was a bit uneven but the turnover was moist inside and lightly crispy outside.

The turmeric in the crust was there for color rather than any distinct flavor. It did, however, have a satisfying flakiness and richness from beef fat.

The filling was juicy and very loosely formed. It amounted to more of a ground beef filling than a "patty." It's mixed with some breadcrumbs so there's more of a soft, uniform texture to it versus just ground beef, which can be a bit clumpy. There was a good filling-to-crust ratio.

In flavor, the filling offered a spiced, slightly curry-like flavor to go with a moderate amount of spicy heat. It's quite tasty.

Overall, I really enjoyed Trader Joe's Jamaican Style Beef Patties. There's not a lot of convenient Jamaican or Caribbean options around here so I appreciate having the option, and it's just as good as the few times I've had a Jamaican patty from a restaurant.

Nutritional Info - Trader Joe's Jamaican Style Beef Patties
Serving Size - 1 container
Calories - 880 (from Fat - 390)
Fat - 43g (Saturated Fat - 21g)
Sodium - 1180mg
Carbs - 89g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 29g

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