Apr 26, 2023

Papa Johns Reveals New Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia

Papa Johns partners with PepsiCo Foodservice for the upcoming launch of the new Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia starting May 1, 2023 for Papa Rewards members and May 4, 2023 for everyone else.

The Dorito Cool Ranch Papadia takes Papa Johns' regular Papadia (pizza crust baked with your choice of filling and then folded to make a flatbread-style sandwich) and adds a dusting of Doritos Cool Ranch-inspired specialty seasoning on the outside. Like the regular Papadia, it comes with a side of sauce for dipping.

The Doritos Cool Ranch Papadia will be available for a limited time through July 23, 2023 for $7.99.

Papa Johns has offered several variations of the Papadia since introducing it in 2020, including a parmesan-crusted version and a pepperoni-crusted version.

Photo via Papa Johns.

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