Apr 25, 2023

Pizza Hut Taiwan's New Ultimate Seafood Pizza is Heart-Shaped and Topped with a Whole Squid

Pizza Hut serves up the new Ultimate Seafood Pizza over in Taiwan and it's a heart-shaped, stuffed crust pizza that comes topped with a whole squid and more.

In addition to the squid, Pizza Hut Taiwan's Ultimate Seafood also comes topped with Norwegian salmon, scallops with eggs, scallops, onions, parsley, smoked mozzarella cheese, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, sake miso sauce, and kale seasoning powder.

The price for the squid-topped pizza comes out to 1049NTD (~$34.19US).

While a whole squid might seem a bit much, Pizza Hut once offered a pizza topped with half a lobster in China.

Photo via Pizza Hut Taiwan.

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