Apr 14, 2023

KFC Serves Up Boneless Fried Chicken on a Baguette in Ireland

KFC Ireland's Chicken Fillet Roll
Calling it a "KFC twist on an Irish cult classic," KFC serves up the KFC Chicken Fillet Roll--a baguette filled with slices of crispy-fried Original Recipe chicken breast fillet--over in Ireland.

In addition to the Original Recipe fried chicken slices, the KFC Chicken Fillet Roll also comes with cheese, lettuce, and black pepper mayo.

There's also a spicy version called the "Zinger Fillet Roll." It includes spicy Zinger fried chicken slices, cheese, lettuce, and spicy Supercharger sauce on a baguette roll.

The sandwich was first introduced as an Ireland-only menu item back in June of 2021. Apparently, chicken fillet rolls are a popular item at Irish delis and gas stations.

Photo via KFC Ireland.

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