Sep 5, 2023

Review: Jack in the Box - Breakfast Taco

Jack in the Box Breakfast Taco top-down view with quarter for size comparison.

Jack in the Box's Breakfast Taco features fresh-scrambled eggs, American cheese, taco sauce, and Jimmy Dean sausage in a crunchy taco shell.

It costs $1.49 for one.

The first thing I noticed with the taco was that they seem to have put the egg in after similar to how they add lettuce after frying their regular tacos. The eggs were soft and a little fluffy.

Jack in the Box Breakfast Taco view of top opening.

The sausage presented the biggest different from Jack's regular taco as well as their previous Monster Breakfast Taco. It was loosely-formed with a notably strong sage note to go with the familiar salty pork flavor.

The cheese was nicely melted and contributed a welcomed creamy richness to the taco. For contrast, the taco sauce provided an occasional spicy kick and burst of tang. They put in less taco sauce than I usually see with the chain's regular tacos.

The taco shell was nice and crunchy at the edges and softer and oily towards the middle and seam. It was crunchy enough at some points where it actually cracked.

Jack in the Box Breakfast Taco cross-section.

Overall, Jack in the Box's Breakfast Taco turned out pretty well and managed to stand out from your standard fast-food breakfast tacos with a more herby sauce and crunchy shell (since for whatever reason, soft flour tortillas are the norm for fast-food breakfast tacos).

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