Aug 13, 2012

Review: Jack in the Box - Tacos

Jack in the Box Tacos are a common order for many a late night food run. They consist of beef, American cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce in a crunchy corn tortilla.

They are dirt cheap at two for 99 cents.

Jack in the Box's Tacos don't look very good (they looks gross actually, even for fast food) and what kind of taco has a half-slice of American cheese inside?! Also the beef is a mixture of beef and "textured vegetable protein" (like the cheap frozen burritos you buy at the supermarket). Compared to other fast food, the quality is pretty low, but I like 'em.

I think the way they cook these is they fry the meat and shell together before stuffing all the other ingredients inside. The shell is typically greasy and soaked in oil in some sections. There are some crunchy bits here and there.

The meat is paste-like, but flavorful. It probably contains a lot of seasoning because they don't give you much meat. The lettuce is filler and texture. And the taco sauce sets it all off with a tart, vinegary sweetness coupled with a slight heat.

Jack in the Box's Tacos are cheap food in every sense of the word. They're good in a guilty pleasure kind of way. Sometimes I just want one but it only cost 99 cents to get two (so I get two!).

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Taco
Calories - 190 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 320mg
Carbs - 16g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 6g


  1. I was always hoping you would review these, they are an old favorite. Great review!

  2. Best late night beer soaker....Since I dont live near any JAcks anymore the Burger King tacos have become their replacement. Yes the tacos at BK are awsome (about the only thing at BK right now) in a dunken late night sort of way! I vene prefer them over Taco Bell. Most people dont believe this and it requires much prodding, but once they do they are converted.

  3. I freaking love these things, and have been eating them for as long as I can remember. Just add two packets of their hot sauce to each one and you have a perfect food item. Definitely the best value in all of fast food if you ask me.

    Admittedly I have been leaning towards Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos lately, but as good as they are the value just isn't there (it's like 30 cents more for just one taco. They are the hot newcomer, but Jack in the Box tacos are the institution.

  4. Herd, commoners. Proletariat.

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  5. Quiz, hotshot. It's 3am. You're drunk. You have to wake up in two hours. None of your buddies know where you are or who the old man tagging along is. You see a Jack in the Box. What do you buy? Twenty tacos.

  6. The essential coming home from a party drunk food !! These are the best when combined with beer munchies :)

  7. The trick is: Don't pull 'em apart! Pulling a Big Mac apart has kept me out of McDonald's for almost 20 years. (What WAS that gray, flat, rubbery circle masquerading as "meat"?) Seriously, though, Jack tacos are still the comfort food of choice for my immediate family, even though Jack left town 35 years ago! We just have to save our melancholy for vacations.

  8. These are the most grossest thing i ahve ever tasted


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