Feb 10, 2010

The Asia Trip: Japanese Kit Kat Bar - Ginger Ale Flavor

I don't think I had ever seen Ginger Ale flavor chocolate of any kind until I saw this Ginger Ale Kit Kat for sale at Tokyo Narita Airport.  I have to say, it was one of the most interesting candies I have ever put in my mouth.

What made it so interesting?  Besides tasting like a blend of sweet ginger, lemon, and white chocolate, it was also fizzy!  How neat is that?!  I guess they managed to trap some carbon dioxide in the candy as it was being made.  It was very surprising to actually taste a slight fizziness in a solid candy bar.

Another interesting note about Kit Kats in Japan is that since some of the flavors are specific to certain areas of Japan, they are often sold in gift boxes to be bought as souvenirs for the folks back home.  Basically, even if you lived in Japan, you wouldn't get all the flavors unless you traveled around!

I think it'd be pretty interesting if they did that in the states; if just for the novelty of it all.  Just think... New York Cheesecake flavor... Wisconsin Cheese flavor... Texas barbecue flavor!  It would be fun no?

is Caring


  1. that is definitely an interesting idea! regional chocolate souvenirs!

  2. I wanna try. How come you didn't offer me any? :(

  3. Because you didn't happen to come by when I was eating them and your brother did! =P

  4. White chocolate and ginger? WHAT? Shocking. Me want some.

  5. If you really want some, there's an importer that sells them online: I don't know how much they charge for shipping though.

  6. You could've invited me! I live so far away after all!

  7. Haha, it wasn't that big an event... I didn't invite anyone! =P

  8. we have these at a japanese themed store in Hamilton ON Canada, they're surprisingly really good


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