Feb 5, 2010

News: Super Bowl Pizza and Wings Promotion Round Up

It's Super Bowl time!  A time when most Americans gather around ye olde boob tube to watch American football and/or commercials.  A time for the traditional accompaniments to every football gathering: pizza and wings!  For your convenience, I've rounded up the pizza and wings deals available at the major pizza and wings chains.  I was hoping to find more wings deals but places like Wingspot (who expects to sell over 5 million wings this weekend) aren't offering any, at least not nationally.

You might also try your local supermarket or deli.  They usually have wings by the pound; my local supermarket's deli has buffalo wings at $3.99 a pound.

Pizza (all these chains offer wings as well although it may vary from location to location)
  • Domino's Pizza
    • Nationwide - 2 Medium, Two-Topping Pizza for $5.99 each
    • They also seem to have various deals from store-to-store such as a Carryout only - 1 Large, One-Topping Pizza with Extra Cheese for $5.99 so you should check online for the coupons available for your nearest locations (it seriously varies from store-to-store).
  • Little Caesars (Carry-out only) - One Large, Hot-N-Ready Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza for $5
  • Papa John's - Any Large, Any Topping Pizza for $10 (no double toppings)
  • Pizza Hut - Same as Papa John's basicallyAny Size, Any Toppings, Any Crust for $10 (no double toppings, Stuffed Crust extra)
Wings (this is a sad list, I guess wings just sell themselves or are lower margin items)
  • KFC - usually they have a 40 Hot Wings coupon for $19.99 but this year it seems they're promoting their Fiery Grilled Wings which are bigger but cost more as well: 30 Fiery Grilled Wings for $19.99 with coupon.
  • McDonalds - okay, not actually wings but they do have a Chicken McNugget promotion where you can get 50 Chicken McNuggets for $8.99 or $9.99 depending on location (not at all locations though, so your mileage may vary).  I don't believe they have such a promotion in the Southern California market but they do have 20 McNuggets for $4.99.

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