Feb 2, 2010

Review: Arby's - Turkey Bacon Club Toasted Sub Sandwich

Arby's Turkey Bacon Club Toasted Sub features thinly-sliced turkey, melted cheese, a couple strips of pepper bacon, fresh, crisp, shredded lettuce, two small slices of tomatoes, a couple rings of red onions, and mayo on a toasted ciabatta roll.

I found the Turkey Bacon Club Toasted Sub to be a little bit too salty.  The turkey was pretty salty by itself and when combined with the pepper bacon, it was just over the top.  The saltiness might have been balanced out by more veggies but as you can see, veggies were used sparingly.

Oddly enough, Arby's Classic Italian Toasted Sub which may have more actual salt with the cured Italian-style meats is tastier and provides more variety of flavor.

I also got this sub using the regular 2 subs for $4 coupon, Arby's always sends to my house but they're normally between 4 and 5 dollars.

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  1. looks like they skimped out on the produce


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