Feb 22, 2010

Review: El Pollo Loco - Steak Taco

The cheapest item among El Pollo Loco's new sirloin steak options, the Steak Taco consists of citrus-marinated, flame-grilled steak with cilantro and onions folded in a 4.5-inch corn tortilla.  As always, you can add condiments from their salsa bar at your leisure which includes sliced lemons, cilantro, and onions.

While the meat in the Steak Taco seems a little bit juicier than El Pollo Loco's Steak Quesadilla, there was still none of the charring I expect from flame-grilling.  Also, a major line of the posters advertising the steak offerings tout "marinated in citrus, garlic, and spices" but I can't really say I tasted that.

Overall, the Steak Taco is just okay for me.  At $2.09 for one or $3.99 for two, it isn't a good value.  Especially since you can get tastier tacos from a taco truck in East Los Angeles for $1 to $1.25.

The next time I feel like a taco from El Pollo Loco, I'd get the diced chicken-filled Taco Al Carbon for $1 off the Loco Value Menu; more flavor and cheaper to boot!

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