Feb 16, 2010

News: Burger King Serving Starbucks Coffee

Burger King today announced a signed agreement with Starbucks Coffee to carry Seattle's Best Coffee, part of Starbucks' brand portfolio. By September 2010, you should be seeing Seattle's Best Coffee in Burger King restaurants across the nation.

The agreement is part of a larger effort to improve Burger King's breakfast menu, and boost flagging sales. It also happens to allow the chain to better compete with McDonald's McCafe efforts.

Seattle's Best Coffee will be available at Burger King, hot or iced, with optional vanilla or mocha flavor, and whipped topping (I always find it dubious when they say "whipped topping" and not "whipped cream"). The suggested retail price will range from $1 to $2.79.

While the press release didn't state whether espresso-based drinks will be served, with the higher range of $2.79, I'm assuming Burger King restaurants will be installing espresso machines in the near future.

Seattle's Best Coffee is also served at Subway restaurants. However, Subway serves only brewed coffee and not espresso-type drinks. Brewed coffee at Subway comes in regular and large sizes, priced at $1.40 and $1.60 respectively in the Los Angeles area.

Seattle's Best Coffee will replace Burger King's current BK Joe, which was offered in decaf, regular and "turbo" strength and debuted back in 2005.


  1. i wonder how this will affect mcd's coffee! i know a lot of people prefer mcd

  2. You can get the same brand on Amazon if you're so inclined: Douwe Egberts


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