Feb 19, 2010

News: Lent Means Fish Sandwiches

For many people, Lent means giving up meat on Fridays.  For many major fast food restaurants, Lent means it time to break out the fish sandwiches at promotional prices.  Here are the current offerings and promos:

Many McDonald's franchises are doing Filet-O-Fish Fridays though prices and participation seem to vary with location.  Here in southern California, it's $1.29 for a Filet-O-Fish on Fridays during Lent  (I read it's 2 for $3 in New York).  The Filet-O-Fish (McFish!) shows up with a battered patty of Alaskan pollock and hoki, a half slice of cheese, and tartar sauce on a steamed bun.

Wendy's is again trotting out their Premium Fish Fillet in time for Lent which features hand-cut fillets of Pacific-caught cod breaded with Panko, tartar sauce, and lettuce.  The Premium Fish Fillet goes for ~$3.49 and is a limited time item.

Jack in the Box is offering their Fish Sandwich, which contains two crispy fish fillets, lettuce, and (you guessed it) tartar sauce, at the promo price of $1.49

Among other chains: Del Taco is offering Shrimp Tacos for $1.89, Shrimp and Fries, and Fish and Fries; Popeyes has its Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box for $4.99 which includes battered fries and a biscuit as well as deep-fried battered shrimp.

USA Today has this neat little story about the Lent-related origins of the Filet-O-Fish, and how it was originally supposed to be  halibut but then was switched to cod (though is now a blend of pollack and hoki).

Please let me know if there are any other listings I should add.  Thanks!


  1. Just had the Wendy's "Premium" fish fillet today. Nothing special but I didn't have high expectations seeing as its Wendy's after all.

  2. Working on a big post for next week but I will give you the scoop so far: McDonald's horrible, Jack in the Box surprisingly not bad (but still not good), Del Taco very good but very little shrimp, Wendy's good. Still have not tried Carl's Jr. or Burger King but based on past experience I'm not holding out hope. Only gonna try the Wienerschnitzel "Sea Dog" if I get drunk.

  3. Haha, oh man... you've eaten them all! Did you eat them all in one week?! If so, that's kinda scary!

    My brother does not like the Filet-O-Fish.

  4. Every Fast food place seems to be touting their seafood options now. Just saw a few days ago Togos Sandwiches having a promotion on their fish sandwich too...

  5. One of our local BK's had a Cilantro Lime Fish Sandwich (or something similar) advertised on the marquee the other day.

  6. Any plans to review the new Wendy's fish sandwhich? I know i'm interested

  7. @Cue: Hm... I'm not a big fan of fish... so only if I can get one of my sibs to eat one.


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