Feb 4, 2010

Local Review: St. Honore's - Boloniya Bread - Costa Mesa

I had never heard of Boloniya Bread before I tried it from St. Honore's Bakery inside the Mitsuwa Supermarket in Costa Mesa.  Apparently, it's a Danish-inspired Japanese bread that sells out often.

A decadent, artisan, it is not cheap at at over $4 for half a loaf but it was worth every penny.  Boloniya Bread is made in a croissant-like fashion in that it is folded into many layers before baking.  You can see the marbling that results in the crust from the folding.
The resulting bread has a thick, somewhat chewy crust and a moist, soft, buttery interior.  If you are any fan of butter, this is the bread for you!  It basically tastes like a rich croissant but with the texture of a very light, soft bread.  It also has the light sweetness of a croissant that would make it perfect as a dessert bread.  You could probably make strawberry shortcake filling and sandwich it between two slices for a delicious dessert!
As for myself, I made a tasty bacon and egg sandwich with two Boloniya slices and "nom nom nom" is all I can say.

Yokohama St. Honore
665 Paularino Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 557-6699
Open 7 days a week, 9:00am to 7:30pm


  1. The Danish croissant braided bread at Kee Wah Bakery is similar but with croissant-like layers. It's really good.

  2. @WC: The Hong Kong chain? Maybe I will go have a look see...


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