Feb 15, 2010

Review: El Pollo Loco - Steak and 3-Cheese Quesadilla

El Pollo Loco's Steak and 3-Cheese Quesadilla features a melted blend of Jack, Cheddar, and Cotija Cheese and their new citrus-marinated flame-grilled sirloin steak sandwiched and grilled between the halves of a large flour tortilla.  A scoop of guacamole and sour cream are also included on the side.

At $5.99, the Steak Quesadilla is the most expensive item out of El Pollo Loco's new beef dishes as well as perhaps their most expensive single menu item.
So how's the beef?  It tasted like it had been grilled earlier and sitting in a heating bin for a while.  Which is to say it was not very juicy and while there was char, it had softened and wasn't discernible taste-wise.  Further, the sirloin is supposed to have notes of citrus and garlic but I didn't really detect either.

The cheese was fine but the mixture of steak and cheese could have been more evenly distributed.  The guacamole and sour cream were fine but the Steak and 3-Cheese Quesadilla stills lacks in flavor.  You can offset the lack with some free salsa from El Pollo Loco's salsa bar but you shouldn't have to.
It's not much of a value or very good for $5.99.  I would rather save myself $5 and just get a plain quesadilla off their Loco Value Menu for $1.

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  1. is it just me or does that look like it wasnt really' melted well enough?

  2. Maybe... It wasn't super gooey but pieces of shredded cheese weren't falling out either...

  3. underwhelming for sure...del taco's is way better. even taco bell is better.

  4. it was sooooo good


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