Feb 18, 2010

Local Review: The Hat - Chili Cheeseburger

Take a sesame bun, a grilled quarter-pound patty, a glop of all-meat chili, a spread of your standard yellow mustard, a flat, melted square of American cheese, a thick slice of tomato, some pickle chips, and you have a delicious Chili Cheeseburger from local Southern California chain The Hat.

While the Hat is "famous" for their pastrami, I go there mostly for their chili cheese fries and the occasional burger.  You also get a pretty good deal if you get an order of onion rings where they give you a small brown paper bag filled to the brim with crunchy but generic onion rings for $3.79.

While it's not much to look at, The Hat's Chili Cheeseburger has much of the flavor I thought was lacking when I tried Tommy's.  The chili while not spicy, is meaty and flavorful, the cheese was nice and gooey, and the bun held up quite nicely.  The patty is just okay for me but the tomato is very fresh.  For $3.59, it's a tasty meal.

It is, of course, quite messy to eat, but is there such a thing as a neat chili burger?  Just remember to grab some extra napkins or a plastic knife and fork if you can't deal with the mess.

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  1. that looks so good! where is the chili cheese fries in the review?

  2. An order of chili cheese fries is enough for at least two if not three people! Since I was just eating for myself I just got the burger only.

    Maybe next time!

  3. Not much to look at?!?! That thing looks like an amazing gooey-messy burger!!

  4. @wibia: I just said that for people who like their burgers neat and pretty!

  5. Uh, where's the bacon?

  6. @Anon: There's no bacon... but maybe I should get it with bacon next time! They fry up their bacon fresh to order like most mom and pops.

  7. Hi Q! Long time no write. Ha ha...been in the hospital myself. I have to say that I actually love Tommy's Chili....their chili cheese fries are what I order.....yummy!!!! This burger look so delicious, I want to just reach through my screen and eat it. LOL

  8. Hello! Sorry to hear... I hope everything is okay!

    Haha, it was pretty good! The Hat's chili cheese fries are very good as well, and they give you a huge portion!


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