Oct 24, 2014

KFC Unleashes New Double Shell Tacos on New Zealand

While there aren't any Taco Bell restaurants in New Zealand, fellow Yum brand KFC looks to pick up the slack with new Double Shell Tacos.

To us here in the States, the new KFC Tacos very much resemble a Taco Bell Double Decker Taco, except they're filled with fried chicken instead of seasoned ground beef. And there's no adhesive bean layer to hold the flour tortilla to the crunchy taco shell.

So what you have is a soft flour tortilla folded around a hard taco shell filled with a fried chicken strip, a slice of cheese, and either a tangy Supercharged Sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions (the Salsa version) or BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and Original Recipe crispy onion straws (the BBQ version).

KFC's Double Shell Tacos are only available for a limited time and are going for $4.90 NZ (~$3.85 US) for one or $8.00 NZ for two (~$6.99 US).

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