Oct 16, 2014

New Pumpkin Biscuits from KFC Japan

It seems Japan is not immune to the fall pumpkin flood; KFC Japan today introduced new Pumpkin Biscuits as a Halloween promotion that runs through the end of October.

The biscuits are made with pumpkins from Hokkaido (although according to RocketNews24, they're actually made with kabocha, which is also known in some English-speaking countries as Japanese pumpkin). They come with a honey maple sauce on the side.

The biscuits are also available as part of a special Halloween bucket (also available through October 31, 2014), which comes with six pieces of Original Recipe fried chicken, two orders of fries, and two pumpkin biscuits. The lid also doubles as a Colonel Sanders mask.

It kinda seems like KFC is looking to do for Halloween in Japan what they did for Christmas.

The price on the biscuit is 180 yen (~$1.69 US) each and the Halloween bucket goes for 1850 yen (~$17.37 US).

If you're wondering about the hole in the biscuit, the regular biscuits at KFC in Japan have them as well. I have yet to figure out why though.

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