Oct 23, 2014

Secret Menu: Taco Bell - Country Gravy Waffle Taco

Taco Bell is one of those places who will pretty much make whatever you want given the ingredients on hand, so I had them make me a Waffle Taco with the new Country Gravy.

It ended up costing me 30 cents extra for the gravy for a total of $2.29. They offered me syrup on the side, but I declined. I also nixed the cheese.

What's left is a sausage patty, scrambled eggs, and country gravy inside of a waffle taco shell.

The shell didn't really have much sweetness on its own and is a pretty oily from being fried. I wonder if they tried toasting it instead during test like you would an Eggo waffle.

The scrambled eggs were nice and fluffy and the sausage was meaty and mostly salty. I've mentioned before that the sausage could use more seasoning and the country gravy filled in the lack quite nicely. The gravy has a tasty meaty, creamy quality that really works with the simple sausage and egg combo. I did wish for just a bit more gravy though; maybe I should have asked for some extra on the side.

Overall, Taco Bell's Country Gravy Waffle Taco turned out really well, although the waffle shell was probably my least favorite part of it. I feel like they could make the shell better than it is with a little more work.

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