Oct 25, 2014

White Chocolate Mocha Back at McDonald's

McDonald's is once again offering the White Chocolate Mocha for this fall-holiday season.

Additionally, they've added a new Hot White Chocolate and White Chocolate Latte.

Since the drinks are all various combinations of steamed milk and white chocolate syrup, plus whipped cream and/or espresso (depending on the drink), it basically just the return of white chocolate-flavored syrup at participating McDonald's restaurants.

The "new" White Chocolate Latte is just a White Chocolate Mocha without the whipped cream (i.e. it's espresso, white chocolate-flavored syrup, and steamed milk), while the new Hot White Chocolate is a White Chocolate Mocha minus the espresso (i.e. steamed milk, white chocolate-flavored syrup, and whipped cream).

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