Oct 8, 2014

News: Chili's Launches Winning TV Burger

Chili's latest new menu item is the "Winning TNT Craft Burger." It's so named as it was chosen as the winning dish on TNT's new reality cooking competition show On the Menu, whose main premise is that that the winning dish will appear at a nationally-recognized brand (like Chili's) the day after the episode airs.

The episode aired on Friday, October 3, 2014, and sure enough on Saturday, October, 4, 2014, it was on the Chili's menu.

The burger features features a 100% USDA Choice beef patty, tangy slaw, hand-battered and fried house-made garlic dill pickles, and Chili's classic BBQ sauce, on a toasted potato bun. It's available through December 14, 2014.

While Chili's is touting the one-day, overnight turnaround, it's more likely they had a bit more notice as the episode was probably taped earlier this year. Still, when the development of some menu items can sometimes take years, a few months turnaround isn't bad at all.

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