Oct 31, 2014

Frozen Friday - Haagen-Dazs - Caramelized Banana Chip Gelato

Haagen-Dazs' Caramelized Banana Chip Gelato takes banana caramel gelato and mixes in semi-sweet chocolaty chips.

I got a 14-oz carton for $2.50 on sale.

This gelato reminds me a lot of Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey due to the banana flavor and chocolaty chips ("chocolaty" means not technically chocolate by the way, as far as food packaging goes anyway).

There's a really pleasant, creamy banana taste here tinged with just a little bit of caramel, which adds an extra (maybe unnecessary) sweetness to the gelato. Texture-wise, it's very smooth, soft, and fairly dense. I will say that the term "caramelized banana chip" makes me think of banana chips with a crispy coating of darkened sugar, but I guess they were going for more of the "chocolate chip" and "mint chip" nomenclature.

The semi-sweet chocolaty chips are thinner and softer than the fudge chunks of Ben & Jerry's and they have a nice dark chocolaty note to them. I liked that they're softer as I often find chocolate chips in many ice creams to be too hard and jarring.

Overall, Haagen-Dazs' Caramelized Banana Chip Gelato is very good, especially if you're looking for that chocolate-banana combination. I wouldn't be opposed if they decided to add some walnuts though.

Nutritional Info - Haagen-Dazs Caramelized Banana Chip Gelato
Serving Size - 1/2 cup (105g)
Calories - 260 (from Fat - 110)
Fat - 12g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 85mg
Carbs - 35g (Sugar - 26g)
Protein - 4g

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