Oct 15, 2014

Coke and Pepsi Among Top Millennial Brands

According to a study by Moosylvania, an independent digital advertising agency, both Coca-Cola and Pepsi rank among the top 10 "most beloved" brands in the agency's 2015 Top 50 Millennial Brand Ranking Report (at #8 and #10, respectively).

What other big food brands made the list?

- McDonald's comes in at #17;
- Pizza Hut is #21;
- Starbucks is right below at #22; (that's right... Starbucks is below Pizza Hut)
- Oreo is #33;
- Followed by Nestle at #34;
- At #37 is Hershey's;
- Kellogg is #39;
- And Kraft is #40;
- Wendy's is the last food brand that makes the list at #47.

The ratings are based on two panel studies of 1,500 Millennials (defined as aged 14 to 35) over nine months. During an initial study, 500 participants were asked to rank their top three brands unaided, which is where the ranking comes from.

A second panel study of 1,000 Millennials looked at how those brands connect with them and what they value. According to that study, "Important brand characteristics that matter most to Millennials include High-Quality Products (75%), Would Recommend this Brand (61%), Fits Their Personality (53%), Social Responsibility (40%), Shares Similar Interests (39%) and Says Important Things (31%)."

"Would Recommend this Brand" is a weird inclusion to me. Basically it's saying that one of the things valued highly in a brand is that you would recommend it to others? It would seem like a given to me i.e. if you like something, if would follow that you would recommend it to others.

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