Oct 29, 2014

Review: Papa John's - Fritos Chili Pizza

Papa John's Fritos Chili Pizza comes topped with beef, chili sauce, Roma tomatoes, onions, cheddar, mozzarella, and Fritos corn chips.

It's available for a limited time at $12 for a large, but I bought one for $8.50 with a special deal.

The Fritos corn chips are actually added after the pizza was baked so that they stayed crunchy and remained that way when I got home. Don't expect them to be crunchy the next day though.

There's a pretty good chili smell to the pizza. The chili sauce itself comes in lieu of the pizza sauce and is a more bean-heavy rather than meaty chili sauce. It has the requisite seasoned flavor with a bit of tang as well as a small kick to it.

The beef, cheese, and tomatoes fell somewhat flat in the flavor department. It's the chili sauce, onions, and corn chips that do most of the heavy lifting here and they make for a pretty nice combo.

The crust was crisp on the surface but overly chewy.

Overall, Papa John's Fritos Chili Pizza was good for the first slice, but flavor fatigue set in when I went for slice #2 though. It's essentially a Frito Pie served on fresh baked bread, which let's you eat it conveniently without utensils, but also dulls its finer points. Still, I liked it much better than some of their other novel pizzas this year (I'm looking at you Double Cheeseburger Pizza).

Nutritional info not yet available.

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