Oct 20, 2014

Review: Church's Chicken - Waffle Bites

Church's Chicken's new Waffle Bites are bite-sized maple waffles that come with a maple butter-flavored dipping sauce.

They come in a Chicken & Waffle Bites combo, which includes three chicken strips and five Waffle Bites for $3.99.

The Waffle Bites were crispy but too dry to really be considered a waffle. They were more like light waffle-shaped cookies, which wasn't quite what I was expecting. If I were being really specific, they most resemble biscotti in texture; they're crispy to the point of crunchy, crumbly, and dry. They stayed crispy longer than a typical waffle.

Taste-wise, they have a hint of maple syrup to them, which also gives a light sweetness to them.

The maple butter sauce was really good! It's like a combination of Aunt Jemima and maple syrup in equal measure plus a good bit of butter. I liked it a lot better than the sauce Popeyes came up with when they did Chicken Waffle Tenders as it's more like buttery syrup (I tried it with the tenders too; still pretty good!).

Overall, Church's Chicken's Waffle Bites were good but I wouldn't consider them to be waffles at all, which makes this more of a chicken and cookies combo, which is a little weirder than chicken and waffles. I really liked the maple butter sauce that comes with though.

Nutritional info not available.

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