Oct 29, 2014

Taco Bell's new Mobile App Lets You Order Ahead and Pick Up at the Drive-Thru

Taco Bell just released their new mobile ordering and payment app so that you can now order and pay ahead before going through the drive-thru to pick up your food (you just drive up and tell them you ordered via the app). You can also pick up your order inside.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and also gives you access to every Taco Bell ingredient so you can customize your food the way you want (with an extra charge on most, but not all, add-ons). More importantly, it lets you know all the options that are available as well as how much they cost (so you don't have to ask them "how much is it if I want nacho cheese on it?" and whatnot).

As an added incentive, Taco Bell is currently offering their medium Freezes for $1 when ordered through the app (they normally go for $1.99).

According to Brian Niccol, Taco Bell President, the company "believes mobile ordering and payment is the biggest innovation since the drive-thru."

Key features of the app include:

- "Rotate to Reorder", as in rotate your phone sideways to pull up and quickly reorder your saved favorites.
- Gets exclusive offers and news on new items.
- Can browse local menus by category.
- Allows customization of menu items.
- Can save your favorite orders.
- Accepts payment using a credit/debit card or a Taco Bell Card (also allows you to buy, add, reload, and use Taco Bell Cards).
- Can send and receive Taco Bell e-Gifts.
- Allows you to view nutrition information.
- Can locate the nearest Taco Bell.
- Allows you to check-in and pick up your order anytime the same day.

As part of the marketing push to promote the app, Taco Bell has temporarily gone dark on all of its social media channels (including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram) as well as on their website, which means if you're looking for any Taco Bell nutritional info in the near term, you're going to have to download the app (or you could search Brand Eating!)

If you were using the previous Taco Bell mobile app, you'll receive an update to the new version.

If you want to see the app in action (but don't want to download it), Taco Bell put out a demo video, which you can watch below:

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