Oct 9, 2014

Pepsi Launches New "Mid-Calorie" Cola Online

Pepsi is set to launch a new lower calorie cola that's a bit of a tweener--a mid-calorie soda fitting between regular Pepsi cola and sugarless Diet Pepsi.

Dubbing it "Pepsi True," the new cola promises no high-fructose corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners. Instead it promises lower calories than regular Pepsi and is sweetened with a combination of sugar and natural zero-cal sweetener stevia. It also comes in 7.5-oz mini cans (60 calories per can compared to 100 calories for the same size of regular Pepsi).

Basically, the company is trying to address a demand for lower calorie, naturally-sweetened soda.

Pepsi True is set for an online-only launch later this month via where it will be sold in 24-packs but is slated to hit groceries stores at some point later on.

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