Aug 26, 2015

Applebee's Debuts New All-Day Brunch Burger

While they don't actually open for breakfast, Applebee's debuts the new All-Day Brunch Burger for lunch and dinner service. Also new is The Blazin' Texan burger.

The All-Day Brunch Burger features bacon and onion seared into a beef hamburger patty and comes topped with a fried egg, hash browns, and American cheese.

The Blazin' Texan has fresh jalapenos and onions seared into the patty and is topped with shredded beef brisket, white cheddar cheese, and signature grill sauce (whatever that is).

Both burgers are being offered at around $11 (may vary), which includes unlimited fries or house-made chips on the side (but only for a limited-time at participating locations). Applebee's is offering a Monday-only deal where all their burgers, including the two new ones, are discounted to $6.99.

Nutritional Info - Applebee's All-Day Brunch Burger (not including side)
Calories - 1190 (from Fat - 730)
Fat - 81g (Saturated Fat - 29g)
Sodium - 2370mg
Carbs - 61g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - 57g

Nutritional Info - Applebee's The Blazin' Texan (not including side)
Calories - 1050 (from Fat - 590)
Fat - 65g (Saturated Fat - 25g)
Sodium - 1870mg
Carbs - 60g (Sugar - 20g)
Protein - 55g

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