Aug 31, 2015

Taco Bell Testing $1 Breakfast Value Menu

Taco Bell is trying a $1 value menu for breakfast that includes a couple of new items including a new Oat & Blueberry variant on their Cinnabon Delights.

They're calling it the "$1 Morning Value Menu."

The new Oat & Blueberry Delights feature donut holes with oats and blueberries mixed in, covered in icing.

Other new items include the Mini Skillet Bowl, which looks to be a mixture of eggs, crispy potatoes, cheese, and pico de gallo, and the Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla (a slightly different, cheesier take on the since-discontinued Sausage Flatbread Melt).

Other items include things currently on the menu for a buck, such as Grilled Breakfast Burritos (with either bacon, sausage, or Fiesta Potatoes), Breakfast Soft Tacos (an ungrilled version of their current breakfast tacos), Cinnabon Delights (order of two), and Hash Browns.

Mirroring the current all-day $1 Cravings menu, everything on the value breakfast menu test is $1.

The test was spotted out in Fresno, CA.

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