Aug 27, 2015

Little Caesars Introduces New Deep Dish Pizza-Italian Cheese Bread Pairing for $9

Calling it their "$9 Box Set," Little Caesars has paired their Deep Deep Dish Pizza with their Italian Cheese Bread in one box.

The combo is available starting August 31, 2015, at participating locations, and includes half a normal order of a pepperoni Deep Deep Dish pizza (i.e. a Deep Dish Pizza, which comes out to 4 slices rather than 8) along with an order of Italian Cheese Bread (10 pieces) and a cup of Crazy Sauce (pizza sauce) for dipping.

The $9 comes out to about the same if you were to buy the items in piece meal (at least in my area) and is more of a choice that gives you more options in case you don't want to get a whole Deep Dish pizza (they don't usually sell half the pizza, except in a lunch combo along with a drink for $5 at participating locations) plus Italian Cheese Bread (their cheese bread is my favorite version out of the big chains; my review here).

Little Caesars $9 Box Set will be available for a limited time only.

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