Aug 15, 2015

Nissin Leaves More Room in Cup Noodles for Toppings

Nissin ups the convenience factor of their Cup Noodles with a new cup that is both microwaveable as well as roomier so that you can cook any extra toppings you want to add in the cup rather than separately.

The new cup heats up in the microwave in 2.5 minutes. At launch, it's available in Chicken, Beef, and Hearty Chicken flavors (i.e. the most popular Cup Noodle flavors) and is only currently available in select Walmart stores (you can find a list of locations that stock the new cups here) but is slated to roll out at other retailers throughout the year.

The brand's iconic cup was/is originally made of foam (which is great for insulation but not so much for cooking in the microwave, where it tends to melt). It's not clear whether the new cups are paper or plastic, but they feature less exterior packaging material, which, according to Nissin, combined with the new cup design, results in a 20% reduction in overall carbon emission to produce.

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