Aug 20, 2015

McDonald's Malaysia Offering Savory Spinach Fried Pie

New at McDonald's Malaysia is the savory Spinach Pie, offering a savory take on their typically sweet fried pies.

Inside the bubbly, crackly crust, you'll find spinach and what appears to be diced carrots and a cream sauce.

The Spinach Pie is available for a limited time only at 2.95 Ringgit (~$0.79 US).

If you're of the belief that McDonald's pies should only be sweet, they've got you covered there as well: McDonald's Malaysia is also offering a fried Lychee Pie for a limited time, as well as a Lychee McFlurry and a Lychee Shake.

While the McFlurry and Shake come with a lychee sauce or syrup, the Pie contains a filling of actual diced pieces of the tropical fruit.

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