Aug 14, 2015

Chobani Launches Three New Flip Flavors

Chobani has launched three new Flip flavors as well as a number of other flavors across their yogurt range.

Chobani Flip is their name for the combination of Greek yogurt and toppings packaged in separated compartments, where you can flip the toppings onto the yogurt.

The three new flavors are:

- Peanut Butter Dream: Vanilla yogurt with a mix of honey roasted peanuts and peanut butter clusters

- Coffee Break Bliss: Coffee low-fat yogurt with biscotti pieces and chocolate

- Limited Batch Strawberry Summer Crisp: Strawberry low-fat yogurt paired with golden graham crackers and white chocolate

Also new this year are:

- New Limited Batch flavor: Plum. Watermelon is also back for a limited time. Both are available through August 2015.

- New Simply 100 Greek Yogurt flavor: Mango Passion Fruit.

- New Greek Yogurt flavors: Coffee and Mixed Berry.

- New Greek Yogurt Oats flavors – Ancient Grain Blend flavors: Raisin Brown Sugar and Peach.

- New Kids Greek Yogurt Tubes flavor: Mixed Berry.

- New Chobani Indulgent Greek Yogurt flavor: Cherry and Dark Chocolate.

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