Aug 3, 2015

KFC Canada Creates Photo-Printing Fried Chicken Bucket

In celebration of their 60th anniversary in Canada, KFC has created a new version of their iconic bucket that can print out photos.

They're calling it the "Memories Bucket" (as in you can make memories around a bucket of fried chicken with your friends and family) and it's basically a regular KFC bucket but with a photo printer in a sectioned off part of the bottom with a slot to pop out photos.

The idea is that you snap photos with your phone and send the photos you want to the bucket, which can print them out right there and then.

Before you think the idea is impractical (can you even reuse the bucket?) and expensive (photo printers don't come cheap), they won't be selling these in stores or anything like that. Instead, KFC Canada is planning to give away a yet undisclosed number of buckets via their social media channels in the near future (and yes, you have to be Canadian or at least living in Canada to potentially score one).

Here's a video of the Memories Bucket in action:

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