Aug 7, 2015

Jon Stewart Gets His Own Sandwich at Arby's as Farewell Gift

Arby's Daily Deli sandwich.
As Jon Stewart exits his role as host of The Daily Show after 16 years, Arby's shows a sense of humor by gifting him a farewell video and a secret menu sandwich.

Calling it "The Daily Deli," Arby's John Stewart tribute sandwich keeps it simple with a double portion of corned beef served with deli mustard on marble rye bread. While it won't appear on the menu, you should be able to order it by name at any Arby's restaurant.

As a bit of background, Jon Stewart has consistently mocked Arby's for the past few years on The Daily Show. The chain has apparently taken it all in stride though, as you can see from the farewell video they put together for him:

Photo via Arby's.

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