Aug 24, 2015

Taco Bell Testing "2wister" Tacos

Taco Bell is testing new versions of the Double Decker Taco that they've taken to calling "2wister" Tacos.

There's a Cheesy + Crunchy version and a Spicy + Cool version. Like the original, each includes a flour tortilla folded over a crunchy taco shell with various ingredients serving as a glue to hold the two together.

The Cheesy + Crunchy 2wister Taco is held together by a combination of nacho cheese and 3-cheese blend. Inside is a filling of seasoned beef, crispy tortilla strips, shredded lettuce, and shredded cheese.

The Spicy + Cool 2wister comes glued together by melted cheese and what appears to be habanero sauce (most likely the same sauce as in the Dare Devil Loaded Grillers). The filling includes seasoned beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, and shredded cheese.

They've been spotted in the Dayton, OH area at $1.29 a pop.

If the 2wister Tacos sound familiar, they were spotted in test earlier this year as "Collider Tacos." It looks like they like the new name as they've filed to register it as a trademark.

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