Dec 3, 2015

IKEA Offers Two Christmas Plates This Winter

IKEA is offering a taste of Swedish Christmas with two festive plates: the Swedish Christmas Sampling and Swedish Christmas Meatballs.

The Swedish Christmas Sampling features slices of smoked ham, marinated salmon, Prast cheese ("priest cheese," as in the cheese that the pastor or priest made historically), cucumber salad, beet salad, and crisp bread.

Swedish Christmas Meatballs is a seasonal take on the furniture chain's signature dish and includes Swedish meatballs with a stoneground mustard cream sauce, sweet and sour cabbage with diced apples, sauteed carrots, and Swedish creamy potato gratin (Jansson's Temptation).

Both plates go for $5.99 but are discounted to $4.99 for members of IKEA's free customer loyalty program.

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