Dec 23, 2015

Review: Arby's - Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread

Arby's Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread features sliced Angus beef with Fajita seasoning, Ghost Pepper Avocado sauce, a slice of Colby cheese, red and yellow peppers, red onion, shredded iceberg lettuce, and tomatoes folded inside of a pita.

I went and got one for $5.69.

Between the juices from the beef, the roasted peppers, and the lettuce and tomatoes, my sandwich was rather wet, which made the flatbread moist and really chewy (I saved a half for later and the texture was much better when dry).

The flatbread and excess moisture aside, everything else was fairly nice.

The Angus beef offered a more satisfying meat texture over Arby's signature, very thinly sliced, almost-smooth roast beef. The Fajita seasoning was a bit sporadic with a more spiced flavor here and there; the roasted red and yellow peppers seemed to have the same seasoning.

The Colby cheese was nicely melted and flavorful.

The red onion, lettuce, and tomatoes are more or less standard with Arby's flatbread sandwiches, which left a familiar taste linking the Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread to any previous flatbread sandwiches. The quality of the vegges were mostly good but the tomatoes were a just a little over-ripe and mushy.

The Ghost Pepper Avocado sauce didn't really taste of either ghost peppers nor avocado but left more of a creamy taste and a medium heat. It was enjoyable but a bit misleading in name.

Overall, Arby's Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread was still pretty tasty despite some mishaps in the assembly. It's not a marked departure from a standard roast beef sandwich with lettuce and tomato but includes enough small changes to keep it interesting.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Fiery Steak Fajita Flatbread (309g)
Calories - 560 (from Fat - 230)
Fat - 26g (Saturated Fat - 8g)
Sodium - 1570mg
Carbs - 50g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 32g

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