Dec 9, 2015

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Introduce New Steakhouse Thickburger

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's launch the new Steakhouse Thickburger at participating restaurants.

While technically "new," the burger is actually the return of the Steakhouse Burger but with an upgrade to the chains' signature fresh baked buns over the previous sesame bun. Other than that, you get a choice of various sizes of Black Angus beef patty, crispy onion strings, crumbled blue cheese, A.1. Steak Sauce, lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

The Steakhouse Thickburger is available with a 1/3 pound beef patty for a suggested $5.59 and with a 1/2 pound beef patty for $6.79 (may vary). You can also get either as part of a combo meal along with fries and a drink starting at $8.09.

Photo via Carl's Jr.

Nutritional Info - Carl's Jr. 1/3 lb Steakhouse Thickburger (388g)
Calories - 1040 (from Fat - 600)
Fat - 67g (Saturated Fat - 20g)
Sodium - 2070mg
Carbs - 73g (Sugar - 20g)
Protein - 31g

Nutritional Info - Hardee's 1/3 lb Steakhouse Thickburger (383g)
Calories - 1020 (from Fat - 600)
Fat - 67g (Saturated Fat - 20g)
Sodium - 2100mg
Carbs - 73g (Sugar - 21g)
Protein - 35g

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