Dec 20, 2015

Burger King Serves Up Wasabi Sauce on Fries, Nuggets, and Fish in Singapore

Burger King Singapore is currently offering a new wasabi sauce with a trio of items including fries, chicken nuggets, and fried fish sandwiches.

The horseradish-like, nasal-stimulating sauce comes either drizzled on an order of French fries, as a dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, or as part of a Fish'N Crisp sandwich. The promotional menu has been running since October.

Wasabi is probably best known here in the U.S. as an accompaniment to sushi. It's enjoyed some popularity over in east Asia as a fast food condiment though, where rival McDonald's has offered it on fish sandwiches, as a dipping sauce, and as a seasoning flavor in some countries. It hasn't been offered here by any major fast food chain yet, but has hit the packaged snack scene with items like the recent offering by Frito Lay (though I like wasabi better as a seasoned almond flavor).

Photo via Burger King.

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