Dec 28, 2015

Popeyes Launches New Spice Packed Wings

Popeyes introduces new Spice Packed Wings featuring fried chicken wings tossed in a dry seasoning blend.

The seasoning mix is described as "a blend of spices and peppers that come from six countries." As to the wings themselves, they're prepared in typical Popeyes fashion with a marinade of spices before being battered and fried.

Spice Packed Wings come in an order of six wingettes and/or drummettes, plus new Spicy Pepper Ranch dipping sauce, for $3.99.

Wings (or rather wingettes and drummettes) aren't part of Popeyes' regular menu (they do regularly offer whole chicken wings) so they're a bit of a novelty when they come around. The new wings are the third variation for Popeyes' Wing platform; the first two were Ghost Pepper Wings and Cajun Wings. They mark the first time Popeyes has gone with a dry seasoning blend on their wings rather than incorporating the featured flavor in the marinade or the batter.

You can find Spice Packed Wings at Popeyes through January 31, 2016, while supplies last.

Photo via Popeyes.

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