Dec 4, 2015

McDonald's Holiday Pie and Egg Nog Shake Back in 2015 with Limited Availability

McDonald's Holiday Pie and Egg Nog Shake are here for the 2015 holiday season but only in select markets at participating locations.

They've been spotted in, at least, parts of Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Texas (but not in Southern California as far as I've seen), but you should call your local McDonald's to check and see if either are available.

The Holiday Pie is a baked turnover-style pie with a sugar cookie-like crust embedded with rainbow nonpareil sprinkles with a custard-like filling in the middle (you can find my previous review of them here).

The Egg Nog Shake features a vanilla shake with egg nog syrup mixed in.

Feel free to mention below if you've spotted them in your area.

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