Dec 21, 2015

Pizza Hut is Basically Offering Lox on a Star-Shaped Pizza in Luxembourg

Calling it the "Nordic Star," Pizza Hut Luxembourg offers a new, limited-time, star-shaped pizza topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon, something you'd normally find on a bagel, at least here in the U.S.

The pizza is also topped with capers and red onions. Also bringing to mind the bagel connection, each of the smoked salmon and cream cheese-filled dough pocket corners is sprinkled with poppy seeds.

The price on the pizza comes out to € 15.90 (~$17.36 US) for a medium.

Just in case you want to double up on the salmon items, the chain is also offering a salmon and cream cheese-filled tortilla roll with sour cream for dipping and a wedge of lemon.

Photos via Pizza Hut.

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