Dec 25, 2015

McDonald's Goes with Apple Pie Lattes in Poland This Winter

McDonald's welcomes the winter in Poland with the new Apple Pie Latte topped with white chocolate shavings as part of their McCafe menu.

The Apple Pie Latte features espresso and steamed milk mixed with the flavors of apple and cinnamon.

Also new for the winter are the Redberry Mocha and Carrot Cake. The Redberry Mocha features espresso, steamed milk, and chocolate topped off with a blueberry, raspberry and strawberry-flavored syrup and chocolate stars.

If it were ever brought over to the U.S., the Apple Pie Latte seems more of a fall item. Of course, given that apple has been largely supplanted here by pumpkin as the favored fall flavor, it seems unlikely we'll ever seen this one.

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