Dec 11, 2015

Review: 7-Eleven - Oreo Hot Chocolate

7-Eleven's Oreo Hot Chocolate features hot cocoa made with Oreos.

I got a 12-oz cupful for $1.49.

From the get-go, the drink both offered both the color and aroma of Oreo cookies. The color was dark and almost black, while the smell was chocolate tinged with vanilla.

Interestingly, the Oreo Hot Chocolate was quite thick and heavy; like drinking a hot milkshake. I figured it was because they ground up Oreo chocolate wafers and mixed it into the drink but it wasn't grainy at all (although sure enough there were very fine bits of Oreos on the bottom when I finished the drink).

Taste-wise, the chocolaty cocoa is strongly underpinned by a dark chocolate cookie flavor tinged with vanilla. In short, it really does taste like drinking Oreo cookies.

Overall, 7-Eleven's Oreo Hot Chocolate really hits the right notes in terms of taste, appearance, and smell of a hot Oreo drink. That being said, while I found it easier enough to drink, I'd still rather eat an Oreo than drink a warm one.

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